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Mission Team Arrived in Panajachel Guatemala Today to Build a Real Home for Virginia and Her Kids

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This is the third year Rick has made this trip….always feeling like he takes away more than he gives.  He’s really excited that daughter Rebecca and roommate Jessica were able to join the team this year.  The local Mayan Families construction crew has already gotten the project out of the ground.  So, with a good week of work,  maybe the family will be able to move in soon. Here’s a little about their situation and the kind of difference you can make >  If you’re interested in learning more, Rick would love to chat.  He’ll even buy!

Rick Returns to Panajachel, Guatemala to do Construction Work

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Photos from our mission trip to Panajachel Guatemala. This year we helped construct the second story addition to a small un-reinforced house. This will be the new home for a abused mom and her kids who has been living with grandma and more family downstairs. We also visited sponsored children and distributed food, clothing & shoes from Cincinnnati. Mayan Families is a very well run organization that is really making a real difference in peoples’ lives.





We’re Collecting Shoes for Kids in need in Guatemala

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We need some kid’s shoes! On Feb 9th. Rick Hamilton is going to Panajachel in Guatemala with a small group of folks to do some construction work with Mayan Families.  BTW….If you’d like to go, it’s not too late and it’s a wonderful experience. With our checked baggage we take a bunch of duffel bags full of children’s shoes to help the kids who need them. They don’t need to be new….just is good shape and nothing bigger than size 9. If you’re willing to help, just contact us at [email protected] or 513.739.3339. Thanks!



Distinctive Patios sponsors Rick’s mission trip to Guatemala.

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Just before the beginning of Distinctive Patios’ “spring fever”, Rick was part of a team that traveled to Panajachel, Guatemala to help build a concrete house for a single mom and her daughters.

To give you some perspective on the construction practices used….all the blocks were cut by hand with machetes and all concrete was delivered/mixed by hand!  Below are several pictures from the trip.   The smiling faces help you understand how easy it is to make a real difference in a child’s life and what real poverty is.  If you’d like to sponsor a child’s education or help fill some other need,  you can contact the Mayan Families organization.  No question….you will get more than you give as you provide hope for the future.  One other note….after the trip….Distinctive Patios donated a hand-held grinder to make the work a bit easier.